La Tempestad
By Larry Loebell
Directed by Eric Parness
October 7- 30, 2005

A contemporary romantic fantasy by Larry Loebell (a Philadelphia-based playwright with strong ties to Philadelphia's InterAct Theatre Company) sets Prospero on the tropical island of Vieques, Puerto Rico in self-imposed exile where he practices the antiquarian arts. After a stormy crossing, three couples - including Prospero's daughter Miranda and her fiancé Ferdinand - are swept up in the island's history of passion, politics and magic. As U.S. military pilots practice for the invasion of Iraq in the unpredictable skies overhead, each couple ponders the prospects of marriage and tests the limits of their love.

Alberto Bonilla*
Brian Flegel
Vivia Font*

Felipe Javier Gorostiza*
Ed Jewett
Lori McNally*
Patrick Melville
Ray A. Rodriguez*
Gordon Stanley* (Broadway's Ragtime and Beauty and the Beast)
Frank Tamez
James T. Ware

Scenic Designer: Martin T. Lopez
Costume Designer: Sidney Shannon
Lighting Designer: Aaron Copp
Sound Designer: Nick Moore
Press Representative: Sam Rudy Media Relations
Stage Manager: Katie Kring
Casting Consultant: Stephanie Klapper
Program and Postcard Artwork: S. Kim Glassman

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a new adaptation of
The Tempest
Adapted and Directed By Victor Maog

The Tempest is Shakespeare's magical and mysterious final play. It tells the story of a banished Prospero who controls his island-prison, its visitors, and its inhabitants by mixing reality and illusion to create a world in which nothing is as it seems. Victor Maog's new ninety minute adaptation, in which three actors play all of Shakespeare's roles, concentrates on the play's themes of imprisonment, longing, and love.

Rashaad Ernesto Green*
Daniel Larlham*
Orlando Pabotoy*

Associate Director: Daniel Brunet
NEA/TCG Mentor: Brian Kulick

Scenic and Costume Designer: Martin T. Lopez
Lighting Designer: Aaron Copp
Sound Designer: Elizabeth Rhodes
Press Representative: Sam Rudy Media Relations
Program and Postcard Artwork: S. Kim Glassman

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Reading Series
Curated by Branden Kornell, Literary Manager

Tuesday, October 11th
Home Sick For Rain by Steve Totland
Directed by Daniel Brunet
An eerie response to both King Lear and the Biblical story of Isaac's sacrifice: a man discovers that his estranged father has "replaced" him with a photography-obsessed stranger known as The Kid.

Tuesday, October 18th
Heart of Earth by Dominic Orlando
Directed by Nicole Godino
Transporting the action of Chekhov's Three Sisters to the modern American Midwest, an herbalist, an ex-nun, and a worn-out producer vie for control of the family farm.

Tuesday, October 25th
Trojan Barbie by Christine Evans
Director Linnet Taylor
A contemporary mash-up of The Trojan Women: time and space fold in on each other as soldiers from the modern occupying army in Iraq guard the women of ancient Troy.

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