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Resonance Ensemble’s goal is to weave a thread between the theatre's past, present, and future. We explore how classic plays by writers such as Euripides, Shakespeare, Molière, Chekhov, and Williams remain relevant and vibrant across countless eras and cultures, and endeavor to create new work in their spirit. By learning from and paying tribute to history's master dramatists, we strive to craft new theatre that is just as timeless and universal. To accomplish this goal, we invite the playwright to join the director in the exploration and interpretation of classic plays. We challenge writers to study their predecessors in order to create new work that resonates today. We are not interested in direct adaptations, but rather innovative new work that evolves from preexisting material. The process culminates with a production of the new play in repertory with the classic that inspired it.

Our Mission Statement: “Resonance Ensemble is dedicated to producing groups of related theatrical presentations that resonate across countless times and cultures and confront universal themes and ideas significant to audiences of today. The potential for enhanced contemporary relevance will dictate the company’s choice of projects for each season. Resonance Ensemble is committed to developing new theatrical work inspired by the timelessness and universalism of the classics.”